How to Deal With Depression after a Breakup?

How to quickly overcome depression after a breakup with a loved one? What video to watch to relieve pain? How to live further if you feel sick from the surrounding reality? Now it seems that no one is able to help. And it’s true, only you can help yourself on bebemur. At a time when the world has lost its colors, you need to perk up and be the very person who can deal with any difficulty.  Most often, depression occurs when we give out the wish and the reality, the people whom we considered emotionally mature seem to be children.

Why does depression occur after a breakup?

The first days, weeks after a breakup are the most difficult period in the life of any person. What caused breakup depression? One of the reasons for the melancholy is spontaneously arising changes in a person’s usual way of life. Any separation from a partner carries a change in social status.

Can a breakup cause depression and why does the psyche suffer so much when breaking up? The thing is that the need for strong personal relationships and a permanent partner takes the third step among the life values of a mentally healthy person. Therefore, no matter what we say, subconsciously we want the constant presence of a loved one nearby.

Emotional heart wounds after breaking up with a loved one heal at their pace. The most difficult thing is to survive the first days and believe in what happened. At first, we hope that everything will return to normal, feel a strong longing for our beloved face, and suffer. As a rule, during the first two weeks after the breakup, the body, mind, and heart are absorbed by a stressful situation. At this time, the patient experiences different emotions and conditions: from grief, anger, and rage to sadness and longing. For the wound healing process, it is important to allow yourself to express emotions. It will bring relief. But if you keep everything in yourself, you can provoke not only post-breakup depression. After about a month, a return to relatively stable well-being begins. People accept what has happened and deal with the consequences. Now they understand that a certain chapter of their life has just ended and the next has begun. The recovery process is individual for everyone.

Signs of depression

When people break up, each of them completely changes their lifestyle, thinking, habits, and social status. They begin to look at their life in a new way and they have a different perception of reality. The longer the relationship lasted, the stronger the feelings, the more serious the subsequent depression after a breakup. Many people don’t see a way out of this situation. It is extremely difficult for them to independently cope with their psycho-emotional problems. So, what are the signs of depression after a breakup?

  1. A complete loss of interest in what is happening

Failed the project? Had a scandal with your colleagues? It used to make you work day and night but now you don’t care. If you don’t want to do ordinary things because they seem meaningless to you, if you think that nothing depends on you, if you don’t have the strength and desire to change anything, these are symptoms of depression. It is the feeling of helplessness and worthlessness that is an important indicator of this condition.

  • Changes in the body and mood

People in a state of severe depression after a breakup are constantly sad and feel self-loathing. Through changes such as a lack of appetite and sexual desire, sleep disturbances (insomnia, early awakening), memory impairment, distraction, chronic fatigue, nervousness, and so on, depression manifests itself in the body. Loss of appetite and sexual desire, as well as the principle of interest in any pleasures, are alarming signals of depression.

  • Auto-aggression

This symptom can lead to suicide attempts and self-harm. At the initial stages, self-aggression is manifested in attacks of self-hatred, constant self-criticism. People in depression, oppressed by a sense of self-worthlessness and a constant search for their own shortcomings, may decide that their life doesn’t carry any meaning and value. The conditions experienced in depression can be so unbearable that irreparable harm to themselves may seem the only way to stop them.

  • Rejection of their views

Indifference on the basis of depression penetrates all spheres of life. If earlier you were ready to prove your beliefs, then in a state of depression, you will not argue at all. Defending beliefs is losing its meaning, and you will calmly yield to situations and issues that you would never agree to before. Indifference, apathy, and passivity always go hand in hand with depression.

  • Narcotic substances

Also, with heartbreak depression, people resort to prohibited substances. When resorting to alcohol or drugs, people in depression get a break at least for a while, time to escape from themselves. Turning off the mind even for a while is the main motive for drug addiction in depression. They want to escape from black anguish and meaningless reality.

Alcohol is not an option

Symptoms of depression are indeed somewhat reduced with the help of alcohol. But a recent study by scientists from Denmark shows that it is more effective in men. In women, the feeling of apathy when drinking alcohol is often significantly enhanced, but this is already relevant for the extreme stages of intoxication. In fact, after alcohol, a person can even feel euphoria. This is due to increased blood flow, since after drinking alcohol, the blood pressure increases and the brain, respectively, receives a greater amount of nutrients for a certain time. The duration of this action is individual and depends on both the genetic predisposition and the physiology of a person.

So, does it help get rid of depression? Yes, but it acts only as much as a sedative effect on the brain. If a person doesn’t suffer from alcoholism, that is, consumes it only from time to time, then depression is unlikely to intensify. But if you try to constantly “forget” depression with the help of alcohol, then the effect will be exactly the opposite. Moreover, a depressive funnel may occur. This is when people drink to get rid of depression, but the next day, they also feel guilty. And depression will only be strengthened by increasing guilt every day. That is why you can’t drink alcohol having such disorders.

Main steps on how to deal with depression

One of the basic needs of a person is the need to be loved because the soul needs love. As soon as you cease to love or break up with a loved one, the mind can’t accept this reality. For this reason, an uncomfortable existence arises. After this, it is very difficult for the heart to reconstruct and accept reality because the brain is absorbed in pleasant memories of love. In moments of separation, depression seems unbearable and painful. So, how to deal with depression after a breakup?

  1. Don’t do a tragedy out of this

The sorrow and severity of your depression depend only on how you yourself relate to the situation. Some people have fun the very next day because of their freedom. Some people spend six months or a year mourning the lost feelings and relationships. You have a choice. And you can make a choice to let go of relationships in the past, stop thinking about them and enjoy your freedom. Start convincing yourself that you are now much happier than you were in a relationship with the person who left you.

  • Find the pros in the breakup

It is hard because it seems to you that you are losing something. Relationships seem to you a bright period of your life. How to overcome depression after break up? Try to understand for yourself that a breakup gives you more than you had in relationships. And then it will be much easier for you to recover. “Now I can live the way I want”, “Now I will decide for myself what to do”, “Now no one will make scandals in the evenings.”

  • Don’t eat too much

Overeating has not helped anyone yet. From excess calories, you get fat. At the same time, in no case should you completely refuse to eat. If there is no appetite, then use willpower. To overcome the negative, you will need resources, and only balanced nutrition can provide them.

  • Stop experiencing the pleasure of depression

To some extent, people like to feel sorry for themselves. They cry with delight and complain to everyone around about the unfortunate fate. This makes them feel better. In this case, relief is a temporary phenomenon. Such a condition is addictive and requires more and more emotional portions.

  • Stop pretending to be a perfectionist

Why did you decide that everything should go smoothly? It must be remembered that all people experience difficulties. Therefore, feeling depressed after a breakup, accept the fact that life consists of light and dark streaks. Some people are able to tune in to positive when a dark streak comes, while others can’t.

And finally, depression and relationships breakups are closely related. So, do a rite of farewell to depression. To do this, write all your problems and grievances on paper and then burn it. Remember that as soon as you close the door and leave your feelings behind it, your spiritual world will begin to recover.