Hi and welcome to Vivian Tse!

My name is Vivian and I recently got married to my best friend, other half & partner in crime: Wai Tse. You might be having a ‘spare me the details pls’ moment after reading this, but marrying him is the best decision of my life. And yes, it’s no secret! I’m proud to share and carry his last name, yahooooo! :)

Before I became Mrs. Tse, we blogged under the name Twoward. Twoward was a platform where you could find daily outfits, beauty, travels and DIY projects. We really enjoyed working together as we share the same vision and goal: “do more of what makes you happy!” However, since things got extremely busy at that time, we’ve decided to take a short social media break. Hold up! Did I say short? Errr..well..it turned out to be quite a long one hehe.. Anyway, to make a long story short: WE’RE BACK! We’ll continue doing the things we love – and we hope you’ll follow us on our journey!

– Vivian & Wai

November 2016